We guarantee a higher level of safety at work

We can say this with confidence: it is the result of the thousands of locking systems we have installed in modern, fully automatic production lines in a number of different industries.

The sophisticated, tried-and-tested design of our locking units, used primarily in the automobile industry, proves itself day after day, offering absolute security for operating personnel.

The practical construction and robust design of each and every component fulfil industry requirements, meaning our customers can trust our products implicitly.

This has been our philosophy since our company was founded in 1939, and we continue to implement it sustainably in our work today.

Milestones of our company’s history

1939 On taking over a mechanical workshop in Böblingen, in April 1939 Richard Buhl founded our company as it exists today.
1945 After the end of the war, the company was taken out of operation and disassembled by the French occupying forces.
1954 Move to Sindelfingen into a new building at our current location.
1974 Setup of an engineering office in the new building at the assembly hall.
1981 Founding of Buhl Maschinenbau GmbH by Dieter and Werner Buhl.
2013 Sale of Buhl Maschinenbau GmbH to our longstanding employee Mr Theil, and founding of Buhl Maschinenbau e.K. – our tradition is continued in the 3rd generation.
2014 Buhl celebrates its 75th anniversary and continues to be a reliable partner to our longstanding customers.