Spare Parts

Cylinder, pneumatic, follow-up model

Suitable for:
05-SA .. P ..-..
05-SA .. PT ..-..

For pin Ø (mm) Manufacturer Order code
25 Festo DSBC-40-50-D3-PPVA-N3
50 Festo DSBC-50-50-D3-PPVA-N3

contactless operating safety switch and actuator

Suitable for all locking units

For pin Ø (mm) Manufacturer Safety switch Actuator
25 Euchner CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145 CES-A-BDA-18-156935
30 Euchner CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145 CES-A-BDA-18-156935
50 Euchner CES-AP-C01-AH-SB-111145 CES-A-BDA-18-156935

Bushings (Sintered bronze bushings)

Suitable for all manually operated locking units

For locking unit Manufacturer Order code
..-.. 25H... Lohmann 25/35x50 E8/r8
..-.. 50H... und ..-.. 50HT Lohmann 50/60x50 E8/r8
..-.. 30 HT... Lohmann 32/40x30 E8/r7
32/40x40 E8/r7

Solid lubricant bushings

Suitable for indexing units

For indexing unts with pin Ø (mm) Manufacturer Order code
25 Lohmann 25F7/35m6x50
30 Lohmann 32F7/40m6x30
50 Lohmann 50F7/60m6x50

Pins for manually operated locking unit

Suitable for indexing units

for locking unit Ø (mm) Order code
..-.. 25H... 25 0525H03 U
..-.. 50H... 50 0550H03 U