Electromagnetic locking unit for maintenance and indexing (Opel-Norm)

Electromagnetic safety locking device for maintenance, repairs and cleaning (locking unit for maintenance), as well as for machine cycles (locking unit for indexing). The electromagnet moves the locking pin from the neutral position to the locked position in order to prevent accidental or unauthorised machine movements.

Details can be found under General Information

VariationOrder code
Maintenance unit
Order code
Indexing unit
single pinelectromagnetictop253000as depicted03-SA 25 EM 01-0303-SA 25 EM 01-05
single pinelectromagnetictop253000mirror-inverted03-SA 25 EM 02-0303-SA 25 EM 02-05
single pinelectromagnetictop5022000as depicted03-SA 50 EM 01-0303-SA 50 EM 01-05
single pinelectromagnetictop5022000mirror-inverted03-SA 50 EM 02-0303-SA 50 EM 02-05
single pinelectromagnetictop5022000-03-SA 50 EM T-2S 01-0303-SA 50 EM T-2S 01-05